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CranialMethodsTM Mission:

To increase awareness of the benefits of the various CranialMethodsTM and, through education and outreach, to promote their application and acceptance.

"The body has an innate intelligence. It can heal itself and will do so if interference to optimal functioning is removed."
-Deborah Peters, BS, DC


Welcome to the CranialMethodsTM website.

CranialMethodsTM has grown out of a demand for practitioners skilled in the various approaches that exist within the cranial field and because of a growing need for these practitioners in our society.

CranialMethodsTM offers a series of beginning, yet highly advanced, classes that allow the practitioner to experience and practice the various levels that exist within the field.

CranialMethodsTM will help the practitioner to perceive the inherent treatment plan. The practitioner becomes a facilitator, observing in the patient's body the inherent wisdom which does the healing. This provides the most profound healing session available to the patient or client that day.

Historically, two major methods are taught in the field of osteopathy. The first method is the "direct method" that is well known by all hands-on practitioners including chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, physical and occupational therapists and it involves performing some action as in the pushing or pulling of various tissues or structures as well as adjusting joints. The second method is the "indirect method" which requires a more passive approach by the practitioner. Using this method the practitioner simply follows the way the tissue or structure demonstrates its unwinding or realignment. Other methods also exist in the cranial tradition that demonstrate remarkable effectiveness in the facilitation of the healing process such as the reorganization of structure and changes at the cellular level.

All of these approaches are taught in the classes offered through CranialMethodsTM. Our mission is to create competent, skillful practitioners of the various cranial methods so that they may help heal the world.

-Deborah Peters, BS, DC

Dr.Peters has developed treatment protocols derived primarily from cranial methods and teaches to practitioners of various disciplines, according to their licensing. Hers is a unique, consciousness-based approach which re-enlivens the principles formulated by many of the originators in the fields of chiropractic and osteopathy. Dr. Peters emphasizes the most gentle aspects of these principles.

Dr. Peters has been fortunate to have studied and taught various methods within the fields of chiropractic and osteopathy, both whole body and cranial approaches, as well as the more subtle realms. She brings twenty-five years of practice experience with emphasis on the treatment of children and mothers, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with practitioners.


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